AntiBullying Seminars

We will partner with students, parents, teachers and schools to start an AntiBullying program at your location.

Anti-Bullying Seminars

Designed for schools and other youth groups

The Parapet Group’s Anti-Bullying Program offers hands on programs that are designed to empower children, schools, parents and youth organizations personnel to effectively deal with the issue of bullying. We offer courses and conferences designed to promote solutions to address and end the bullying epidemic in our community. Leading experts present the latest research and evidence based strategies to participants. Reviewing or starting an Anti-bullying policy
should begin with a consultative process, eliciting the voices of your whole school community, talking about how your anti-bullying practice is working and what isn’t working or what you would like to enhance. We will
help you devise a policy around the following themes -Awareness & Prevention and/or Investigation & Support.

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