Narcotic Detection Dogs

United States Patrol Canine Association Certified Narcotics Detection Dog and Handler

Narcotic Detection Dogs

Trained on an array of substances

K9 Narcotic Searches

We offer narcotic searches at the following locations

  • Residential
  • Schools
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Storage Facilities
  • Work Sites

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The presence of our narcotics K-9 search teams will show your employees, students, parents and clients your awareness and dedication to creating a safe and secure environment. We will work with your existing security staff to increase facility and employee safety in all types of work environments. All searches can be done confidentially at any hour day or night. This will boost morale and productivity, while decreasing incidents and liability issues.

The strict standards that our narcotic detection dogs are trained by ensures that our clients can have full confidence that any illicit drugs in the location will be rooted out quickly and efficiently. Our narcotic detection dogs are trained to detect a variety of substances in many different locations: heroin, marijuana, hash, methamphetamines
cocaine, and ecstasy.

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